Sequoia sempervirens - Californian Coast Redwood

Well known for its sheer size in America, and one of the biggest trees in the world, Sequoia semperviren Californian Coast Redwood  , more commonally known as the Californian Redwood, is a tree for parks and avanues, providing as a magnificent shade tree, featuring a earthy-red bark.

Height: 8-10 metres (Tends to reach its minimum height in an urban environment.)

Width: 6 meters.

Foliage:    Sequoia sempervirens - Californian Coast Redwood has a conical crown, with horizontal to slightly drooping branches.The leaves are variable, being 15–25 millimetres long and flat on young trees and shaded shoots in the lower crown of old trees, and scale-like, 5–10 millimetres long on shoots in full sun in the upper crown of older trees.

Bark:  Californian Coast Redwood has very thick, up to 30 cms, and quite soft, fibrous with a bright red-brown when freshly exposed , weathering darker.

Fruit: cones are ovoid, 15–32 millimetres long, with 15–25 spirally arranged scales

Tolerence: Sequoia sempervirens - Californian Coast Redwood thrives best in mild, humid climates. Prefers full sun to dappled shade and moist, well drained soil.  The root system is composed of shallow, wide-spreading lateral roots.

Redwoods grow quickly and reach maturity in 400-500 years.


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