Bare Rooted is a method where by the plants are grown in the ground and dug up when dormant in winter.  They are sold without soil around their rootball.  This is an economical way to buy trees, but only deciduous trees can be sold this way.

All of our bare rooted trees are premium stock for both height and quality.    

Bare Rooted Trees

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Acer freemani - Sienna Maple Tree
Acer freemanii - Celzam Celebration Maple Tree
Acer freemanii - Jeffersred Autumn Blaze Red Lipstick Maple Tree
Acer japonicum - Vitifolium Grape Leaf Maple Tree
Acer negundo - Flamingo Maple Tree
Acer negundo - Kellys Gold  Yellow  Maple Tree
Acer negundo - Variegatum
Acer negundo - Violaceum Violet Twig Box Elder
Acer negundo Box Elder - Sensation Maple Tree
Acer palmatum - Atropurpureum Purple Japanese Maple Tree
Acer palmatum - Butterfly Japanese Maple Tree
Acer palmatum - Osakazuki
Acer palmatum - Polymorphum Japanese Maple Tree
Acer palmatum - Senkaki Coral Bark (syn. Sango kaku) Japanese Maple Tree
Acer palmatum Dissectum Seiryu - Lace Leaf Japanese Maple Tree
Acer platanoides - Crimson Sentry Crimson Norway Maple
Acer platanoides Globossum - Designer Mop Top  Maple Tree
Acer rubrum - Fairview Flame Lipstick Maple  Red Maple Tree
Acer rubrum - October Glory Lipstick Maple Red Maple Tree
Acer saccharinum - Silver Maple Tree Yellow Maple Tree
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