Magnificent Autumn follage, adding colour and eligance to any garden! Great as Driveway trees, Avenue trees, Shade trees, feature and specimen trees.

Autumn Colours

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Acer freemani - Sienna Maple Tree
Acer freemanii - Celzam Celebration Maple Tree
Acer freemanii - Jeffersred Autumn Blaze Red Lipstick Maple Tree
Acer japonicum - Aureum Golden Full Moon Maple Tree
Acer japonicum - Vitifolium Grape Leaf Maple Tree
Acer negundo - Aureo Marginatum Negundo  Maple Tree
Acer negundo - Flamingo Maple Tree
Acer negundo - Kellys Gold  Yellow  Maple Tree
Acer negundo - Variegatum
Acer negundo - Violaceum Violet Twig Box Elder
Acer negundo Box Elder - Sensation Maple Tree
Acer palmatum - Atropurpureum Purple Japanese Maple Tree
Acer palmatum - Bloodgood
Acer palmatum - Butterfly Japanese Maple Tree
Acer palmatum - Osakazuki
Acer palmatum - Polymorphum Japanese Maple Tree
Acer palmatum - Red Pygmy Japanese Maple Tree
Acer palmatum - Senkaki Coral Bark (syn. Sango kaku) Japanese Maple Tree
Acer palmatum - Shishi gashira Dwarf Japanese Maple Tree Lions Head
Acer palmatum 'Dissectum Atropurpureum Ornatum' Weeping Purple Japanese Maple
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