Including Kiwifruit plants, both male and famale, Quinces, Persimons, Figs and Mulberrys.

Other Fruiting trees

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Cydonia vulgaris - Quince Smyrna Fruit Tree
Dai Dai Maru - Persimmon Fruit Tree
Feijoa sellowiana - Pineapple Guava
Ficus carica -  White Genoa Fig Fruiting Fig
Ficus carica - Brown Turkey Fig Tree Fruiting Fig
Ficus carica - Fig Black Genoa Fig Tree Fruiting Fig
Morus alba - White Mulberry
Morus nigra Mulberry - Black Mulberry English Mulberry
Morus rubra Mulberry - Hicks Fancy Red Mulberry
Olea europaea - Olive Kalamata
Punica granatum-  Pomegrante

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