A vast range of plants including citrus trees, stoned fruit, nut trees and heaps more!

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Stone Fruits

Nut trees

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Other Fruiting trees

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Castanea - 'Fleming's Prolific' Chestnut grafted
Castanea sativa - Chestnut Tree non grafted
Castanea sativa - Emerald Green Gem Chestnut Tree
Citrus latifolia - Lime Tahitian
Citrus limon - Lemon Eureka Dwarf
Citrus limon - Lemon Lisbon
Citrus limon - Lemon Meyer
Citrus limon - Lemonade
Citrus paradisi - Grapefruit Ruby Red
Citrus reticulata - Mandarin Emperor
Citrus reticulata - Mandarin Imperial
Citrus sinensis - Orange Valencia
Citrus sinensis - Orange Washington Navel
Citrus sinesis - Orange Mediterranean  'sweet orange'
Citrus tangelo - Minneola
Citrus tangelo - Seminole
Cot N Candy Interspecific Apricot
Cydonia vulgaris - Quince Smyrna Fruit Tree
Dai Dai Maru - Persimmon Fruit Tree
Feijoa sellowiana - Pineapple Guava
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