Citrus trees prefer a full sun position. They will grow well with up to half a day of sun, but will produce more foliage and less flowers and fruit with less direct sunlight. They need to be protected from frost, whic h damages the foliage and fruit, and from wind. Good drainage is necessary for all citrus. Soils must therefore be well drained. Planting citrus in raised beds or pots is the best option if the drainage is poor. The addition of compost to the soil may help improve the drainage. Soils should be neutral to acid in pH to successfully grow citrus. Citrus are shallow-rooted trees and thus require regular watering especially during the hot summer months. Avoid digging or planting around the base of the tree. Keep the area under the tree free of grass and mulch well.  Smaller varieties of citrus are ideal grown in large pots or tubs. Try Cumquats, Myer Lemons, Tahitian and Kaffir Limes.


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Citrus hystrix- Kaffir lime
Citrus latifolia - Lime Tahitian
Citrus limon - Lemon Eureka Dwarf
Citrus limon - Lemon Lisbon
Citrus limon - Lemon Meyer
Citrus limon - Lemonade
Citrus paradisi - Grapefruit Ruby Red
Citrus reticulata - Mandarin Emperor
Citrus reticulata - Mandarin Imperial
Citrus sinensis - Orange Valencia
Citrus sinensis - Orange Washington Navel
Citrus sinesis - Orange Mediterranean  'sweet orange'
Citrus tangelo - Minneola
Citrus tangelo - Seminole
Fortunella japonica 'Variegata' - Variegated Kumquat  (Cumquot)
Kumquot Nagami  (cumquot) - Fruit Tree
Lemon 'Eureka'

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